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Ak Magazine

Ak (1972-1980) was a Tamil literary magazine. It was named after the letter ஃ which is unique to the Tamil language. It was run by Ak Parandaman, and was published out of Salem, Tamil Nadu once a month. 22 issues were published between 1972 and 1980.


Ak Magazine was launched in June 1972 with the proclamation Ezhuthayutha Matha Edu. The magazine was printed at Brindavanam Press started at the home of Ak Parandaman in Zahir Ammapalayam, Salem. Ak Parandaman made many innovations in printing the magazine, which stood out amongst the independent magazines of that time. The last of magazine's 22 issues came out on June of 1980.


Ak Magazine published the works of various parties working in Tamil modern literature. The story "Jeevan" written by Ki. Rajanarayanan was published in the first issue. Stories of Vannadasan, Nakulan, Sarvagan, Narano Jeyaraman, R. Rajendra Cholan, and plays named Bayangal (written by Ambai & Porvai Porthiya) and Udalgal (written by Indira Parthasarathy) were also published.

Poems by Pasuvaiyya and Pramil were published were published. Poems like Pramil's Kannadiyulirundhu, "Savaal" written by Pasuvaiyya (Sundara Ramasamy) after a gap of of 6 years, Kalapriya's long poem "Sakti" was published. Poets like Devadevan, Devadachan, C. Mani (Ve. Mali), Neelamani, Vikramadithyan also wrote in the magazine. The fourth edition of the magazine was dedicated as a special edition for poems which included Pramil's famous poem "E=MC²" and Kalapriya's "Sakti". The magazine included literary discussions. Literature written by Ka. Naa. Subramanyam, Venkat Swaminathan, Narano Jeyaraman initiated wide discussions. The controversies revolving Indira Parthasarathy, Dinamani Kathir, and Ashokamitran were included in the magazine. (Jeyakanthan's short story "Rishi Moolam" was truncated by Dinamani Kathir's chief editor Savi. Venkat Swaminathan wrote an article condemning this act by Savi. Ashokamitran & Indira Parthasarathy reacted negatively to this article. In short the debate was whether or not editors have the right to truncate the work of writers.)

Literary Significance

Ak Magazine is primarily remembered for its beautiful print, the plays that appeared in it, and the poems written by Pramil and Pasuvaiya (Sundara Ramasamy). The magazine's Poetry Special (4th edition) and discussions on poetry are important in the history of Tamil New Age poetry. In the seventies and eighties, in a situation where Tamil literature had to completely rely on independent magazines, editor Ak Parandaman set up a strong example with Ak Magazine to break this trend. In his letter to the editor, Ki. Rajanarayanan hailed this act by saying "I bow my head to Ak Parandaman. No matter how many times a honeycomb gets destroyed, it will fill the hive again and again with honey. Your tireless act makes me feel emotional, life is about fighting."

Full Edition

  • Ak Muzu Thoguppu , Sandhya Pathipagam (2006)


  • In 1976 Ak received a National Prize and certificate for its magazine and print


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