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K. Savitri Ammal

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K. Savitri Ammal

K. Savitri Ammal (May 5, 1898 - October 16, 1992) was a Tamil writer, translator, and one of the earliest female writers. She wrote stories for the general public in weekly magazines.

Birth, Education

K. Savitri Ammal was the daughter of V. Krishnasamy Iyer, a renowned judge of the Chennai High Court and one of the founders of the Indian Bank. She was actively involved in the Indian National Movement as the Supporter of moderate Gokhale (C. Subramania Bharathiar wrote articles condemning her). Krishnasamy Iyer married Balambal and had two sons and four daughters - K. Balasubramanian, K. Chandrasekaran, K. Balasundari Ammal, K. Savitri Ammal, K. Subbulakshmi Ammal, and K. Saraswathi Ammal. Among them, K. Chandrasekaran was a short story writer, who also wrote the biography of his father. Her younger sister K. Saraswathi Ammal wrote stories and novels. K. Savitri Ammal was born on May 5, 1898. She received only her primary education at Mylapore Rani Vijayanagaram School and learned Tamil, English, and Sanskrit at home.

Veedum veliyum translation, K. Savitri Ammal

Personal Life

In June 1908, at the age of ten, Savitri Ammal married Pattabhirama Iyer, the son of Sivarama Iyer of Tanjore. Savitri Ammal’s brother K. Balasubramaniam Iyer lost his wife at a young age. Savitri Ammal, who had no children, lived in her brother’s house with her husband, as a guardian for his children.

In 1958, Savitri Ammal donated most of her property to set up the Oriental School in Mylapore. She also donated Rs. 12 lakh to Vidya Mandir School and Lady Sivaswami Girls' High School in Mylapore. She was in charge of the administration of Vidya Mandir School from 1975 to 1986. From 1958 to 1982 she was on the board of the Lady Sivaswami Girls School.

Photo Credit: Thendral Magazine

Literary life

K. Saraswathi Ammal

K. Savitri Ammal started writing at the age of fifteen. She translated and published an English detective novel under the title Hemalathai. She translated F.W. Bains’ Digit of the Moon under the title Kalai Pirai, and this was published with a foreword by Ki.Va. Jagannathan. She wrote the novel Kalpakam in 1956. Her stories were published in Kalki and Kalaimagal magazines.

K. Saraswati Ammal wrote regularly in the English magazine TRIVENI Quarterly published by her family friend K. Rama Koteswara Rao. She translated the commentaries of the Ramayana texts by the Right Honorable V.S. Srinivasa Sastri.

Raamabathranin Kottai (Short Story)


K. Savitri Ammal was a trained musician and a veena player. In 1937, she lectured on radio introducing the songs of Muthusamy Dikshitar.


K. Saraswathi Ammal passed away on October 16, 1992.


  • Kandrin Kural
  • Kalpakam
  • Hemalathai
  • Kalai Pirai (F.W. Bains)
  • Commentary on the Ramayana (V.S. Srinivasa Sastri)
  • Veedum Veliyum
  • Vambu Pechu
  • Kalpakam and Other Stories



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