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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: இந்திரகாளியம்

Two Grammatical treatises are found to exist by the name Indirakaaliyam (5th Century CE). The first one for Isaitthamizh (poetic Tamil) and the second as a Paattiyal text. Paattiyal is the grammatical treatise for Sitrilakkiyam (shorter version) literature category.

Indirakaaliyam Isaitthamizh Text

Indiarakaaliyam Isaitthamizh, a text on the grammar of poetic Tamil, was written by Yaamalendirar. Adiyaarkku Nallar mentions Indirakaaliyam in his Silappathikaaram commentary as 'Paarsva munivaraal Yaamalendirar seitha Indirakaaliyam ( Indirakaaliyam done by Yaamalendirar due to Saint Paarsva). Indirakaaliyam was handy for Adiyaarkku Nallar to write commentaries on Silappathikaaram. ('Parshvanatha is one of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras).

Indirakaaliyam Paattiyal Text

Panniru Paattiyal speaks about the Paattiyal text Indirakaaliyam and compiled some verses of Indirakaaliyam. The author Indirakaliyar is considered a Jain. Indirakaaliyam text is not fully available now. 40 verses of Indirakaaliyam are taken from the Navaneetha Paattiyal as well. Vacchanandhimaalai, also known as Venpaa Paattiyal, another Paattiyal text quotes Indirakaaliyam as its predecessor. It could belong to 5-6 CE.

Agatthiyar tradition and Indirakaaliyam tradition

In some texts, the Agatthiyar tradition and the Indrakaaliyam tradition are said to be different branches of syntax. The Agatthiyar grammar is said to be the origin of Avinayam. It is found in the later commentaries that Agatthiyar, whose students divided into two sects, was the originator of Paattiyal grammar. But Tamil Scholar Mu. Arunachalam, speculating Agatthiya tradition as a myth, does not accept Agatthiyar as the originator. The possibility of multiple Agatthiyars arise, presumes Mu. Arunachalam. He speaks about those two theories that flourished, namely the Tholkaappiyam school (three Iyals) and the Panchalakshana school (five iyals).[1]



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