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Suneel Krishnan

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Suneel Krishnan
With Dalai Lama

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: சுனில் கிருஷ்ணன்

With S.L.Bhairappa
Marapachi Literary Circle

Suneel Krishnan (Born: April 6, 1986) is a writer, ayurvedic physician, and neo-Gandhian who writes short stories and novels in Tamil. He is a recipient of the Yuvapuraskar award for literature given by the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi.

Personal Life

Suneel Krishnan was born on April 6, 1986 in Karaikal, Pondicherry to Dr. Ramachandran and Ramadevi. His native place is Arimalam, Pudukottai district.

Suneel Krishnan completed his higher secondary education from Kottaiyur Muthiah Alagappa Matriculation Higher Secondary School near Karaikudi. Suneel Krishnan finished his ayurvedic course at Sri Sairam Ayurvedic Medical College in West Tambaram.

Suneel Krishnan married Dr. Manasa on May 23, 2013. They have a son Sudhir Chandran and a daughter Sabarmati. Suneel Krishnan practices ayurvedic medicine in Karaikudi.

Literary life

Suneel Krishnan's first short story, Vasudevan, was published in August 4, 2013. Suneel Krishnan is influenced by the literary pioneers Jeyamohan, Yuvan Chandrasekhar, A. Muttulingam, and Ashokamithran.

Suneel Krishnan's first novel Neelakandam was released in 2019. Critics hailed this as a novel that explored the various aspects of childbirth in tradition, rituals, religion, psychology, and medicine, and succeeded in presenting a fundamental problem of human beings. Suneel Krishnan spoke of its contents as "the absurdity of death, the dream of deathlessness, wandering, and fighting against all the odds, authority, and its nuances". [1]

Suneel Krishnan authored several short stories, anthologies, and novels using his original name as well as the pen-name Naropa.

Gandhian Literature

Suneel Krishnan is considered as a major Gandhian ideologist and Gandhian writer in Tamil. Suneel Krishnan regularly writes columns in Gandhi Today Magazine. Suneel Krishnan has also translated articles written by many others on Gandhi and Gandhism. On September 2022 he was honoured by the Dalai Lama for Gandhian works

Literary Activities

Marappachi Literary Circle

Suneel Krishnan founded Marappachi Literary Circle. It organizes literary gatherings in Karaikudi on every Sunday starting from January 2019. Writers Nanjil Nadan, Sureshkumara Indrajith, Devi Bharathi, Perundevi, Keeranur Jakir Raja, Uma Maheshwari, Bogan Shankar, S. Senthilkumar, Samraj, and Suresh Pradeep presided in this weekly gatherings.

Gandhi Today

In 2011, Suneel Krishnan wrote several articles for Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement on his web page. These articles were compiled into a website called Gandhi Today during 2012. It is the go-to internet platform for Gandhi, Gandhism, and Gandhians.

Tamil Wiki

Suneel Krishnan is working one of the editors and public correspondents of Tamil Wiki online encyclopedia

Literary Significance

Suneel Krishnan is unique in writing about the complexities of modern life with modern metaphors. Suneel Krishnan finds his own metaphors from the medical field and modern technology. His works raise moral questions without any restraint. "His writings on the three themes: ayurveda, folk tales, and everyday events, not only reveal direct and logical understanding, but also the self-absorbed natural tendencies, wandering in a state of frantic mania" says critic M. Gopalakrishnan. [2]


  • In 2018, Kanaiyazhi Ashokamithran novella award - For Pesum Poonai (Talking Cat)
  • In 2018, Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar award for Young Writers - For Ambu Padukkai (Bed of Arrows) short story collection [3]
  • In 2020, Ka Na Su short story award - Eppodhum Mudivile Inbam (Pleasure Always at the End)


Short stories
  • Ambu Padukkai (2018)
  • Vishakkinaru (2020)
  • Neelakantam (2020)
  • Gandhi Ellaigaluku Appal - Translated Articles (2012)
  • Pinnavinathuva vadhiyin Manaivi - Short stories selection by Sureshkumara Indrajith (2019)
  • Gandhiyai Sumapavargal - Short stories of Gandhi (2021)
  • Mahathma Gandhi in Tamil - An anthology (2021)
  • Anbulla Bulbul - Essays on Gandhism (2018)
  • Valaroli - Reviews and Interviews (2019)
  • Nalaya Gandhi - Essays on Gandhism (2021)
  • Ayiram Gandhigal - Essays on Gandhi's Personality (2021)
  • Interview with Mudarkal Ayurvedic physician Dr Ila Mahadevan (2021)
  • Hindu Gnanam Oru Eliya Arimugam - Sujith Mohan Sen
  • Sudanthiramum Samuganeedhiyum - Rajmohan Gandhi
  • Mahathmavuku Anjali - Tributes in Radio



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