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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: எண்செய்யுள்

Enseyyul is one of the Tamil Sitrilakiyam (minor literary) works. Prabandham is the Sanskrit word for Sitrrilakiyam. The Enseyyul comprises of collections of 10 to 1000 poems praising the hero (paatudaith thalaivan - male protagonist) and his village. Each poem collection has a certain number of poems and each poem praises the name of the place where the Lord resides or the king lives[1] [2]. Each poem collection (book) is titled as per the number of poems in it.[3].


Some of the Enseyyul books are:


  1. oththidum paaddudaiththalaivan oorpeyarinai
    eduththum ennaal peyar pera
    eerainthu kavimuthal aayiramvarai sollal
    enseyyul aakumanre

    - Prabandha Deepigai - poem 15
  2. Prabandha Deepam-21
  3. ooraiyum peyaraiyum uvanthu ennaalae
    seerithin paadal enseyyul aakum

    - ilakkana vilakkam porulathikaaram - paatiyal, paadal 848


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