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Prabandha Deepigai

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: பிரபந்த தீபிகை

Prabandha Deepigai (19th century CE), written by Vembattur Muthuvengada Subbaiya Navalar, is one of the texts that details the grammar of Sitrilakiyam.

Structure of the text

The text contains 200 Virutham verses of fourteen Seer (a poetic meter). It can be classified as a Sadhagam[1] text.


It discusses the various genres of Prabandham (sitrilakiyam) and other classifications. The text contains details about the Bakti movement, which came later. The text talks about the birth of Alvars[2] and Saiva Adiyar, Kaliyuga kings, Nayakars and Nawabs, about Thalam, ragam and also Vedham, Smriti, Upanishads, Sivagamam and Dheetchai.



  1. (catakam) A verse genre: poem of 100 stanzas of didactic and devotional content
  2. The twelve canonized Vaishnva saints

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