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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கந்தப் பிள்ளை

Kantha Pillai (P. Kanthapillai) (1766 – June 2, 1842) was a Sri Lankan Tamil and Saiva scholar, minor literary poet of Eelam and father of Arumuka Navalar. Kanthapillai was accomplished in multiple fields such as poetry, play writing and government service.

Birth, Studies

Kanthapillai was born to Paramanandar and Ulagathaiyar Ammaiyar at Nallur, Jaffna in 1842. Paramanandar was son of Sri Lankan Kavala Mudaliar, a descendant of Pandi Mallan. Kanthapillai was the father of the renowned Tamil and Saiva scholar Arumuka Navalar. They were the first generation migrants in Sri Lanka.

At young age, Kanthapillai studied under Shanmuga Chattambiar. Kanthapillai learnt grammar and literature from Koozhangai Thambiran. Kanthapillai also learnt the medical science from his father.

Private Life

Kanthapillai married Sivakami, daughter of Vedavaanam. They had six sons : Thyagar, Chinnathambi (Udayar), Bhoodanthathambi, Paramanandar (Tamil scholar), Thampu and Arumuka Navalar, and six daughters. For eighteen years, Kanthapillai served as an enquiry official in the government department. Kanthapillai was also known as 'Arachchi Kandhar' since he was working as an Arachchi (enquiry) official. Kanthapillai was also involved in medical service.

Literary Life

Kanthapillai was proficient in English, Portuguese and Dutch. Kanthapillai studied under the Portuguese Christian priest Philippe Dello. Kanthapillai composed twenty plays. His son Arumuka Navalar finished Ratnavalli Vilasam, a play that Kanthapillai started. Kanthapillai wrote plays such as Ratnavalli Vilasam, Rama Vilasam, Herod Nataka, Kandy Nataka and Chandrakasa Nataka.


Kanthapillai passed away on June 2, 1842.


  • Nallainagark Kuravanji
  • Ratnavalli Vilasam
  • Rama Vilasam
  • Herod Nataka
  • Kandy Nataka
  • Chandrakasa Nataka


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