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Isaac Arumairasan

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Isaac Arumairasan

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: ஐசக் அருமைராசன்

Isaac Arumairasan (February 19, 1939 - November 07, 2011) is a Tamil writer from Kanyakumari District. Isaac Arumairasan's novels and stories laid out the basic ideas of liberation theology. He termed this Christian Communism.

Birth and Education

Isaac Arumairasan was born on February 19, 1939 in Nagercoil to Isaac and Mary Thangam. Isaac Arumairasan's father was a pastor affiliated with the Church of South India (CSI). Isaac Arumairasan completed his high school education at Scott Christian School in Nagercoil and got his BA in Economics from Scott Christian College. He also holds a Masters Degree in Tamil from South Travancore Hindu College, Nagercoil.

Personal Life

Isaac Arumairasan married Lilavati in 1969. While working as an instructor at Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, he obtained his M.Phil degree from Kamaraj University, Madurai. He later got a position at the Marthandam Christian College (now Nesamony Memorial College) as a Tamil teacher and retired as Head of Department.

Literary Life

While studying at the Hindu College, Nagercoil, inspired by his professor S. Subramaniam, Isaac Arumairasan started reading literature. The pastor of Nagercoil Christ Church V.D.Sahayam encouraged him to write. In 1970, Isaac Arumairasan wrote his first verse drama, Mullaimaadam. His short stories started coming out in magazines including Anil, Anna, Kannadasan, Deepam and Tamarai. Isaac Arumairasan won a prize for his story Kakkaikkoodu published in Kannadasan magazine. In 1975, his first novel Keeralgal was published. In the novel he first introduced the idea of Christian Communism. His subsequent novels built upon this idea. He was the author of several novels including Azhukkugal, Valiyaveedu etc.


Isaac Arumairajan passed away on November 07, 2011.

Literary Place

Isaac Arumairasan's writing condemned the corruption prevalent in the Christian organizations of his day and their oppressive practices. He argued that Christianity was the first instance of Communism in the world and introduced the idea of Christian Communism in his novels. Although his writing was mostly propaganda, he was the first Tamil writer to introduce this idea in his work. He was thus an early pioneer of the ideological school that later came to be called Liberation Theology.


  • Keeralgal (1975)
  • Azhukkugal (1980)
  • Kallairaigal
  • Valiyaveedu
  • Thavaraana Thadangal
  • Kaaranangalukku Appaal
Poetic Plays
  • Mullai Madam
  • Nedumaan Anchi
  • Vengaigal
  • Paarai
  • Silambu Or Irattaikaapiyam
  • Tamil Navalgalil Samuthaya Maattram


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