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Irumbu Kuthiraigal

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Irumbu Kuthiraigal

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: இரும்புக்குதிரைகள்

Irumbu Kuthiraigal (1984) is a Novel by Balakumaran. The novel's storyline is based on Truck Transport.

Writing, Publication

Balakumaran's Irumbu Kuthiraigal was released as a series in Kalki magazine on 1984, and then got published as a book. In the preface to the novel writer Malan says that Viswanathan in the novel is Subramania Raju, the late short story writer and Balakumaran's friend.


The story of Irumbu Kuthiraigal takes place in a truck transport backdrop. Gandhi Lal and Rowther own two truck companies on Thannithotti Street. One of Rowther's trucks hits a person and another knocks down a well. Kandhi Lal's lorry disappears on the way carrying the load of English company's cargo. The story begins with Viswanathan, an English company man, investigating the missing lorry. The novel unfolds minor scandals, compromises, unwritten rules in the trucking companies.

The protagonist Viswanathan works as a clerk with the dream of entering the film industry. Viswanathan's Poems about horses make the central flow of the novel. His wife Darini did not like those poems and their relationship is bitter. Nanu Iyer who is called Vathiyar Narayanasamy, finds a job for his daughter Gayatri in his student Vadivelu's shop. Viswanathan befriends Nanu Iyer. Gayatri loves Viswanathan knowing that he is married. Gayatri says she does not want to get married but just wants Viswanathan's baby. Viswanathan does not accept it, but Nanu Iyer accepts. Gayatri leaves. Viswanathan and his wife Darini compile all his poems into a book under the title Irumbu Kuthiraigal.

Literary Significance

Irumbu Kuthirai is a noteworthy novel, as it describes an industry that is not spoken in the context of Tamil literature, with brief details about it. But novel's main characters Viswanathan, Gayatri, Nanu Iyer were all portrayed in a very romanticized way and with the intention to shock and attract general readers. Irumbu Kuthirai gains its literary quality by brief contextual depictions and sharp psychological descriptions.



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