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Intermediate Magazine

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: இடைநிலை இதழ்

Intermediate Magazine: A magazine with combined objectives of presenting Literature and Philosophy and targeting the tastes and reading habits of general public. It does not hesitate to publish non-core material other than serious Literature and Philosophy, in order to reach the general public. An Intermediate Magazine is multi faceted to please the readers of different background.

Intermediate magazines belong to two periods in Tamil. During early period of Tamil environment, Intermediate Magazines were the ones which stood against the large entertainment magazines to present Literature and Art and they are the first of this kind. These were the magazines to appear before Independent Literary Magazines (Sittrithal) and basically acted as an alternate to entertainment magazines.

When Entertainment magazines started spreading their roots strongly, serious Literature was completely ignored, Independent magazines appeared. A second set of Intermediate Magazines started appearing with the aim to pass on the serious Literature from Independent Magazines to general public. These magazines basically acted as a bridge between independent literary magazines and general public.

Early Intermediate Magazines

  • Manikodi
  • Kalamohini
  • Chandrothayam
  • Thenee
  • Grama Uzhiyan
  • Sivaji

Phase Two Intermediate Magazines

  • Gnanagangai
  • Om Sakti
  • Deepam
  • Kanaiyazhi
  • Ini
  • Puthuyugam Pirakkirathu
  • Kalachuvadu
  • Uyirmai

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