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Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: இளையான்குடி மாற நாயனார்

இளையான்குடி மாற நாயனார்
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Ilayankudi Maara Naayanar is one of the 63 Nayanmarkal of Shaivism.


Ilayaankudi Maara Naayanar was born in an agricultural family (Velaan Kulam) in Ilayangudi of Sivagangai district, Tamilnadu. Maara Naayanar dedicated his life solely for the Aram (deified duty) of feeding the ardent Shiva devotees.

Divine play by Lord Shiva

In order to expose Maaranar's (Mara Nayanar) perseverance to feed with meals to the devotees, even in penury, and prove it to the world, Lord Shiva conducted a test. Maaranar was made to lose his wealth and to become poor. Despite this, Maaranar sold his land, took loans, and still continued to provide food to devotees.

Once on a heavy rainy day, Maaranar and his wife went starving without food. Regardless of this poor condition, they were expecting the arrival of Shiva devotees. Since no sign of visitors felt till late evening, they locked the front door and went inside. Lord Shiva, disguised in the form of a Shiva devotee, knocked at the door in the middle of the night. Maaranar opened the door, invited that devotee earnestly and provided for stay.

He got worried as he was unable to provide food in such a situation to the devotee. There was no way out to lend from others too. At this moment, Maaranar's wife reminded him of the paddy seeds sown that day in their fields that maybe floating due to the downpour. Maaranar heeded to her idea cheerfully and went out in the rain, collected the paddy seeds along with some lettuce in the yard. Since there was no firewood, he pulled the joists from the roof of the house and prepared the meals for the famished devotee.

Lord Shiva, who was disguised in the form of that devotee, was now pleased and re-appeared in the form of a blazing flame. He then along with his consort Goddess Uma on the Divine Ox Nandi, blessed the startled couple.


  • Verses in Thirutthondar Thiruvandhadhi, narrating this story.

Iyala vidaichendra madhavark innamu dhavidaitha

Vayalar mulaiviththu vari manayala kalvaruththu

Cheyalar payirvizhu theengari yakkumavan chezhuneer

Kayalareelaiyan kudiyudai maraneng karapakame

  • Verses in Thirutthondar Puranam, narrating this story,

Manniyave lanthonmai ilasai maarar

Varumaiyal unavumika maranthu vaiki

Unnarural lirulilmayail undi vendi

Umbarpran anaivayal uzhuthu viththunj

Chennelmulai amuthumanai alakal akki

Chirupayirn kariyamuthu thiruntha cheyithu

Pannalarum unavarunthar kezhuntha chothi

Paralokam muzhuthanda Panmay yare

Guru Pooja

Ilayankudi Maara Naayanar is commemorated in all the Shiva Shrines on the day of his birth star of makam in the Lunar month of Avani which is celebrated as Guru pooja.


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