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Gangaikonda Chozhan

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Gangaikonda Chozhan

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கங்கைகொண்ட சோழன்

Gangaikonda Chozhan is a novel written by Balakumaran. The plot of the novel revolves around the life of Rajendra Chozhan. This novel is a continuation of the novel 'Udayar' which had Rajaraja Chozhan as the main character.

Creation, Publication

This novel was written by Balakumaran, after the novel Udayar and published by Visa Publications.

Historical background

This Novel is set during the reign of Rajendra Chozhan, 1021 AD. The Western Chalukya King Jayasimhan II conquered the northwestern frontiers of the Cholas and sought to bring Vengi under his rule as well. After the death of Vimalathithan, the King of Vengi and the husband of Rajaraja Chozhan's daughter Kundavai, Jayasimhan II tried to crown Vijayadithan, who was born to Vimaladithan and a Chalukya princess. But Rajendra Chozhan intervened and crowned Rajaraja Narendran, the son of Kundavai. Rajendra Chozhan married off his daughter Ammangai Devi to Rajaraja Narendran in 1022 AD. Jayasimhan II recaptured Vengi in 1031 AD, and made Vijayadithan the king of Vengi. Rajendran invaded Vengi again and conquered it in 1035 AD and crowned Rajaraja Narendran.

Thiruvalankaadu copper-plate inscriptions say that Rajarajan brought the Ganges water to Chozha kingdom after a 2 year long invasion. Meikeerthi says that on that voyage he defeated the Kalingars and the North Indian Kings Ranasuran, Dharmapalan and Mahibalan.


This novel creates a holistic picture about the life of Rajendra Chozhan by combining the existing historical data with fiction. It can be said as the direct fiction of history. After the coronation of Rajendra Chozhan, the Western Chalukya King Jayasimhan II tries to conquer an Eastern Chalukya state, Vengi. After the death of Vimaladithan, the King of Vengi, Jayasimhan II tries to crown his nephew Vijayadithan, who is the son of his sister and Vimaladithan instead of Rajaraja Narendran, the son of Vimaladithan and Rajendra Chozhan's younger sister Kundavai. Rajendra Chozhan sends the Chola army led by his son Manukula Kesari. Manukula Kesari dies in battle and three commanders are killed. The Chola army led by generals Arunmozhi Pattan and Arayan Rajarajan conquered the state and crowned Rajaraja Narendra. He married off his daughter Ammangai Devi to Rajaraja Narendran.

To attain a permanent victory, Rajendra Chozhan plans to defeat Western Chalukyas, and the Kalingar and Magadhar Kings who help them, and bring back Ganges water. Thus the Ganges water is brought. The Ganges water was used to anoint the Shiva lingam in Gangaikondapuram, the new city created by Rajendra Chozhan. Rajendran defeats the Srivijaya Empire as their king had been insulting the Chola merchants. After coronating his son Rajathirajan as the king, he went to Kanchipuram with his wife Veeramadevi and breathed his last there. Veeramadevi committed Sati.

Literary Significance

This Novel stands as a mere historical narrative without the fantasy aspect of Udayar novel. This Novel is made of lengthy character dialogues and author's narratives. It has a loosely made up storytelling with a superficial style of writing. It did not appeal to the general public either.

Similar Works

Chandilyan’s Novel 'Mannan Magal' has a similar storyline.


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