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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: எட்டுத்தொகை

Ettuthokai is an anthology belonging to the Kadai Sangam (last Sangam) period books and comprises of eight books. It is part of the Pathinen Melkanakku (11 Anthologies of songs with more number of lines) books which comprises Ettuthokai (8 Anthologies) and Pathupattu (10 Idylls) books.

About the Book

The Pathinen Melkanakku books are categorized into two, namely Ettuthokai and Pathupattu. Ettuthokai is a collection of eight books. It is a compilation of the poems of different times written by various poets. Author's name is missing in few poems. These poems are grouped into the songs of Agam which deals with inner or private life, specifically love between man and woman, and the songs of Puram which deal with outer or public life, specifically heroism, war, ethics etc. As these are compiled under work, metre, song, and meaning, these are known as Thokai (Anthology). 700+ poets composed 2,300+ poems in this Anthology. Among them are 25 kings and 30+ female poets. Author's name is unknown for 102 poems.

In Ettuthokai books, except paripaadal and kalithokai, the rest are composed in asiriapa. Some are composed in vanjipa. 3 lines of sitrellai (small range) and 400 lines of perellai (broad range) are the range of poems in this compilation.

Ettuthokai Books

natrinai nalla kurunthokai aingkurunooru

otha pathitruppathu oangu paripaadal

katrarindaar ethum kaliyodu agampuramendru

ithiratha ettuthokai.

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