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Standardisation - steps

  • Does the English-Tamil page flip link work?
  • Is the title spelling correct? For this, please do a google search of the personality’s name. Find the spelling under which their books may be published on amazon, or in other books on archive.org etc. Or how they are credited in newspapers, media etc. Generally we go by the spelling used on Wikipedia except exceptional circumstances. The translators have been already instructed to check this, but as reviewers we check it again.
  • If there are possible alternate spellings, please make sure they are provided in the first line. Eg. Jayakanthan (D.Jayakanthan, also credited as Jeyakanthan)
  • Is the spelling in the link correct? Same as title? Is the format correct (only first letter capitalised)?
  • Are all the sections in the original translated? (Just do an overall glance)
  • Are the pictures aligned as in the original? Captioned?
  • Are the categories correctly labelled? (English Content, reviewing status (ready for review, standardised etc…) other categories (writer, scholar, novel, historian etc.)
  • Do the links at the end work?
  • Does the Tamil page have a link to the English page? If not provide it. Example
  • Are section headings in HEADING format?
  • Are all Subheadings in SUB-HEADING 4 format?
  • Are all bold formatting removed? (No bold formatting allowed)

First Review - steps

  • Line by line cross verification that the whole article has been translated
  • Accuracy of translation. Whether the right keywords have been used, whether the sentences convey the same meaning as in the original
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Flow of the article
  • Ideally first review team (at least to begin with) can post any questions, clarifications and comments on the main translators group and engage in a feedback dialogue with the translators.