Tamil Wiki:English Translation editing tutorial

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Steps for article writers

Using Templates

Insert the following using templates, do not type these manually

1. Read Tamil template linking to Tamil article

1 Insert Template Read Tamil.jpg

2. Adding Internal Links

4 Internal Link.jpg

3. Adding External Links

5 External Link.jpg

4. Cite template (for inserting footnotes)

3 Cite.jpg

5. Adding 'Insert References' template at end of article. This would automatically insert footnotes that have been added from the cite template

7 Insert References.jpg

6. Adding Category label for English Content. Click the box at the bottom of the page. This will bring up the 'Add Category'

6 1 English Content.jpg
6 2 English Content.jpg

7. Add Template for 'Being created'

7 Being created.png

8. When article is ready to be sent to review, delete the template for Being Created, and insert template for 'Ready for Review'

9 Ready for Review.jpg