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Srirangam Duraikannu Pillai

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Srirangam Duraikannu Pillai (November 16, 1897 - July 1954) was a Nadaswaram (a traditional wooden wind instrument) artist.

Early Life, Education

Duraikannu was born on November 16, 1987 to Parimanam, a Nadaswaram player and his wife Nagammal from Koviladi. His parents served at the Srirangam Thirumal temple. He was their eldest son. His younger brother Jagadheesam Pillai was a Thavil player. Jagadheesam Pillai moved to Malaysia when he was young and lived there till the end of his life.

Duraikannu's father taught him music initially. Koviladi Lakshmana Pillai, his maternal relative, taught him later. Duraikannu learnt a lot of keerthanas from Namakkal Narasimha Iyengar.

Personal Life

Duraikannu married Kanagamma, daughter of Nadaswaram player Samayapuram Appasami Pillai. They jad a son named Gnanasundaram.

Musical Works

Duraikannu played the Thimiri Nadaswaram, which was of a lower pitch and more melodious. He had an expertise in Viraladis (use of fingers) and Biruhas. Thiruvavadudurai T.N. Rajarathinam Pillai went to Srirangam to listen to Duraikannu Pillai's performances.

Fans and musical scholars assembled at Srirangam temple when he played for Ekantha Sevai, a private rendition to God.


Srirangam Duraikannu Pillai passed away on July 1954.


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