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28 November 2022

  • 21:1621:16, 28 November 2022 diff hist +1,962 N Sayavanam Kanagasabapathy PillaiCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=சாயாவனம் கனகஸபாபதிப் பிள்ளை|Title of target page=சாயாவனம் கனகஸபாபதிப் பிள்ளை}} Sayavanam Kanagasabapathy Pillai (8 July 1925 – 6 September 1996) was a Nadaswaram artist. == Childhood, Education == Kanagasabapathy Pillai, the son of Tavirkalaignar Pattupillai and Ammani Ammal, was born on July 8, 1925, in a place called Sayavanam also ca..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:0521:05, 28 November 2022 diff hist +126 SampanthanNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 19:5819:58, 28 November 2022 diff hist +2,160 N SampanthanCreated page with "thumb|சம்பந்தன் Sampanthan (Kanthaiya Thirugnanasampandan) (October 20, 1913 – January 7, 1995) was an Eelam short story writer, journalist and literary activist. == Birth, education == Sampanthan, the son of Kanthaiya and Rasamani, was born in Tirunelveli, Jaffna. He was the student of Pandithamani C. Ganapathipillai. He worked as a teacher in Tirunelvi Saiva educational institution. He migrated to London in 1990 f..." Tag: Visual edit

22 November 2022

  • 21:2921:29, 22 November 2022 diff hist +201 C. Thirumalaiver KavirayarNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:2621:26, 22 November 2022 diff hist +2,957 N C. Thirumalaiver KavirayarCreated page with "C. Thirumalaiver Kavirayar (1868 - 1944) was a Tamil poet. The “Karuvaithala Puranam” is considered to be his important work. == Birth, education == C.Thirumalaiver Kavirayar was born in 1868 to Sangu Pulavar and Veerammal in a village called Etisser near Karivalamvandha Nallur in Sankarankovil block of Tenkasi District. He was educated at a young age. He learnt the literature's such as Nigandu, Karuvai Andhadhi and Kuravanji. He also studied Tamil grammar and lite..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:1321:13, 22 November 2022 diff hist +542 Kodivanamudayal TempleNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:1021:10, 22 November 2022 diff hist +243 Kodivanamudayal TempleNo edit summary
  • 21:1021:10, 22 November 2022 diff hist +5,049 N Kodivanamudayal TempleCreated page with "Kodivanamudayal Temple (8th century AD) is a Kali temple which was located at Kodivanam, a place which was present in ancient times, outside the city of Thanjavur. It is now present as a temple called as the ‘Kodi Amman temple’, located between Karundhittaikkudi and the Vennar river. == Four kalis == Four Kali temples are said to have been established during the Chola period for guarding the city of Thanjavur. It is customary to start the aforementioned ceremonies..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:0421:04, 22 November 2022 diff hist +16 Konangi AatamNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 21:0321:03, 22 November 2022 diff hist +3,463 N Konangi AatamCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=கோணங்கி_ஆட்டம்|Title of target page=கோணங்கி_ஆட்டம்}} The capricious act of dancing with clown-makeup on is called as Konangi aattam. Accurate historical information about this art is not available. The event is held on every Saturdays in the months of April, May and September. On these days, Konangi aattam is performed as a part of the ritual called "Kamba Servai" which is conducted to..." Tag: Visual edit

19 November 2022

  • 17:4217:42, 19 November 2022 diff hist +4,093 N Kodangi PaatuCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=கோடங்கிப் பாட்டு|Title of target page=கோடங்கிப் பாட்டு}} Kodangi paatu is a performing art which is sung while playing the musical instrument called Kodangi. Kodangi Paatu is performed during rituals like fortune-telling, exorcism, treatment of disease etc. Kodangi paati is also known by other names such as Udukku paatu, Pei virattu paatu and Kuripaatu. == Procedure == It is..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:3417:34, 19 November 2022 diff hist +4,599 N KayuruCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=கையறு|Title of target page=கையறு}} Kaiyaru (2020) is a novel written by Malaysian writer, K.Punniyavaan. The downfall of Tamilians behind the Siam death railway project was the theme of this novel. It is considered by critics to be the most important among the novels consisting of the similar theme. == Writing, publishing == This novel was written in the year 2020 by K.Punniyavaan. He published the book by himsel..." Tag: Visual edit

19 October 2022

  • 17:5917:59, 19 October 2022 diff hist +1,482 N K.S. DhileepanCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=கி.ச. திலீபன்|Title of target page=கி.ச. திலீபன்}} K. S Dhileepan ( 17-07–1993) is a Tamil writer. He is the editor of the online magazine, Olai chuvadi. == Birth, Education == K.S Dileepan was born on 17-07-1993 to Sagadevan and Krishnaveni in the village called Thuckanaickenpalayam, Erode district. He studied up-till 10 th standard in Bangla Puttur government high school. == Personal Life..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:5517:55, 19 October 2022 diff hist +4,484 N Kurathi MudukkuCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=குறத்தி முடுக்கு|Title of target page=குறத்தி முடுக்கு}} Kurathi Mudukku (1963) is a short novel written by G. Nagarajan. Although G. Nagarajan has written about the life of sex workers in different stories, he has extensively expressed it in this novel. It is believed that there is a trace of his personal life in this novel. == Writing, Publishing == G. Nagarajan wrote the..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:3617:36, 19 October 2022 diff hist +152 Kurangu KusalaNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:3217:32, 19 October 2022 diff hist +1,609 N Kurangu KusalaCreated page with "Kurangu kusala (1962) was a caricature which was published in the ‘Rani’ weekly magazine. It features a tall wife and a short husband. An event from everyday life is depicted in a funny aspect. == Publication == In 1962, when Rani weekly magazine was first published, it included the Kurangu Kusala caricature in it. It is often featured on the third page from the cover. In 1990, the cartoon was discontinued. It was drawn by Vaali, who drew caricatures in the dai..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:2617:26, 19 October 2022 diff hist +163 KuyilNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 17:2517:25, 19 October 2022 diff hist +3,258 N KuyilCreated page with "Kuyil (1947-1961) was a poetry magazine for classical poetry. It was published on a monthly basis. The magazine was managed and run by the poet Bharathidasan. == Publication == This magazine was published in 1947 by the poet Bharathidasan. In December 1947, the first issue of the ‘Kuyil’ magazine was published in Chennai. The second issue of ‘Kuyil’ magazine was published on June 25, 1947 and the third issue was published on August 25, 1947. The second and t..." Tag: Visual edit

12 September 2022

  • 19:2119:21, 12 September 2022 diff hist +1,357 N Kaari KutamCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=காரி கூட்டம்|Title of target page=காரி கூட்டம்}} Kari group: Kari clan. It belongs to one of the sixty assemblies which are sub- divisions of ''Kongu Vellalar Gounders''. Kari Means ''Kariyavan'' (Black) one who belongs to rain. Kari, one of the names that has been around since the Sangam Period. == Meaning == U. V Swaminatha Iyer interprets the meaning of Kari as black coloured horse. He al..." Tag: Visual edit

24 August 2022

  • 22:5322:53, 24 August 2022 diff hist +1,122 N KaminiCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=காமினி|Title of target page=காமினி}} Kamini is a Tamil poet. She is a female poet who has composed several solo songs. == Life summary == Kamini was born into the class of Kazhaikoothadi (street acrobatics). She learned the ‘Vichulipaichal’ which is a trick performed in street acrobatics. She studied the Tamil books in a systematic method from a poet. She received a lot of gifts from Ayanambakkam Sadayanad..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 22:4322:43, 24 August 2022 diff hist +973 KathirverpillaiNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit

23 August 2022

  • 19:4719:47, 23 August 2022 diff hist +544 N KathirverpillaiCreated page with "Kathiravetpillai is a Srilankan Tamil and Saiva scholar. He is an Eelam short story writer. == Life summary == Katiravetpillai was born in the 19th century in a town called Thambalagamuwa located in the Trincomalee district of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. == Literary life == He sang the song ‘Konesar Padhigam’ which is a song prasing the SriLankan Lord Thirukonamalai Konesar. This book was printed in 1889 at Valvettithurai. He sang many solo songs as well..." Tag: Visual edit

3 August 2022

  • 11:2311:23, 3 August 2022 diff hist +1,238 N K. Nanjaya PulavarCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=க. நஞ்சையப் புலவர்|Title of target page=க. நஞ்சையப் புலவர்}} K. Nanjaya Pulavar was a tamil poet. The epistles written by him are available till date. == Biography == K. Nanjaya Pulavar was born in Kavandapadi, a village located in the town of Pudur, part of Kongu Nadu, to the Vanniyar community (Has been mentioned in his poems such as “Akkinikulam”). At the age of ten, h..." Tag: Visual edit

28 July 2022

27 July 2022

  • 14:2314:23, 27 July 2022 diff hist +3,805 N Elangadu Rishabhadevar TempleCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=இலங்காடு ரிஷபதேவர் கோயில்|Title of target page=இலங்காடு ரிஷபதேவர் கோயில்}} Elangadu Rishabhadevar Temple (15th century AD) is a Jain temple located at Elangadu in the Thiruvannamalai district of North Tamil Nadu (Thondaimandalam). The first Tirthankara (supreme preacher), Rishabhanatha Devar, is the presiding deity. == Location == Rishabhadevar T..." Tag: Visual edit

26 July 2022

21 July 2022

20 July 2022

  • 10:4610:46, 20 July 2022 diff hist +412 N Arcot ThoothanCreated page with "Arcot Thoothan (1940) was a Tamil weekly that published local news of Arcot (Arkadu/Arcadu). == Publication == A Tamil weekly magazine released in 1940 that published every Sunday. This was a magazine published from Villupuram, which focused on the news of Arcot but also incorporated various current affairs. A single copy of eight pages was sold at the price of half anna (old Indian currency). == Content ==" Tag: Visual edit
  • 10:1310:13, 20 July 2022 diff hist +2,468 N Urumi KomaliyaatamCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=உறுமி கோமாளியாட்டம்|Title of target page=உறுமி கோமாளியாட்டம்}}thumb|Urumi KomaliyaatamThe dance form Urumi Komaliyaatam is given this name because it involves the musical instrument, Urumi, as the background. Two or three clowns (''Komali'') dance to the tune of the Urumi. Since it takes place with t..." Tag: Visual edit

14 July 2022

  • 09:5809:58, 14 July 2022 diff hist +1,993 N Arcotkizhar Maganaar VellaikannathanarCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=ஆர்காடுகிழார் மகனார் வெள்ளைக்கண்ணத்தனார்|Title of target page=ஆர்காடுகிழார் மகனார் வெள்ளைக்கண்ணத்தனார்}} Arcotkizhar Maganaar Vellaikannathanar, was an ancient poet. One of the songs that he has sung is present in Akananuru. == Biography == Atthan is the name of the poet. He was called..." Tag: Visual edit

6 July 2022

  • 10:3110:31, 6 July 2022 diff hist +798 N Arumuga MudaliarCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=ஆறுமுக முதலியார்|Title of target page=ஆறுமுக முதலியார்}} Arumugamudaliar (1827) wrote Poombaviyar Vilasam, a drama inspired from the ''Enbai Pennakiya'' story from ''Thirugnana Sambandar Nayanar Puranam.'' == Biography == Arumugamudaliar was born in Karuvampakkam, Villupuram, to Muttahiah Mudaliar. Arumuga Mudaliar worked as an accountant in Chennai. == Book == Arumugamudaliar..." Tag: Visual edit

24 June 2022

  • 15:2515:25, 24 June 2022 diff hist +1,563 N Avur KizharCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=ஆவூர் கிழார்|Title of target page=ஆவூர் கிழார்}} Avur Kizhar was a Sangam poet. One of his songs is in Purananuru. == Biography == Avur is located in Thanjavur (Marutham region) and Thiruvannamalai (Mullai region). Tamil scholars believe that the place where he was born may be one of these, since both of these regions have been mentioned in the song that he has sung. His son Kannanar was also..." Tag: Visual edit
  • 15:1215:12, 24 June 2022 diff hist +14 AnanadkumarNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 15:1215:12, 24 June 2022 diff hist +35 AnanadkumarNo edit summary
  • 15:1115:11, 24 June 2022 diff hist +2,493 N AnanadkumarCreated page with "{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=ஆனந்த்குமார்|Title of target page=ஆனந்த்குமார்}} Anandkumar (March 22, 1984) is a Tamil poet and photographer. He is considered to be a writer of simple and natural poetry. == Birth, Education == Anandkumar was born on March 22, 1984 in Nagercoil to Sadanandan and Kanagamma. He studied at Kavimani Desiya Vinayakam Pillai School in Nagercoil. In 2005, he graduated from Cape Institute of Tec..." Tag: Visual edit

14 June 2022

10 June 2022

  • 14:4214:42, 10 June 2022 diff hist +248 Aaraichi ManiNo edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • 11:5711:57, 10 June 2022 diff hist +549 N Aaraichi ManiCreated page with "Aaraichi Mani (1944) was a children's magazine published in Tamil. It was sold from Madurai for half a paisa. Editor Murthy. (see children's magazines) == Publication == In 1944, it was published as a supplement to Kalainesan magazine. Author Murthy. == References == * * [ Aaraichi Mani - (] * [" Tag: Visual edit

8 June 2022

5 June 2022

  • 11:0911:09, 5 June 2022 diff hist +1,198 N Anil MamaCreated page with "thumb|Anil Mama{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=அணில் மாமா|Title of target page=அணில் மாமா}} Anil Mama (1975) was a weekly published children’s magazine. Puvivendhan was the writer of the magazine. (see children’s magazines). This magazine was released as a supplementary to the Anil magazine. == Publication == Since 1975, Anil magazine has been releasing the supplementary magazine, Anil Mama, as a..." Tag: Visual edit

30 May 2022

  • 19:0819:08, 30 May 2022 diff hist +2,623 N Arivanandha AdigalCreated page with "thumb|391x391px|''Siruthondar'' drama{{Read Tamil|Name of target page=அறிவானந்த அடிகள்|Title of target page=அறிவானந்த அடிகள்}} Arivanandha Adigal (19th century A.D.) was a Tamil poet, and saint. ''Siruthondar'' drama is an important work of his. == Biography == Arivanandha Adigal was born in Sengunthar Community at Kattumannarkudi near Thiruthil..." Tag: Visual edit

28 May 2022

23 May 2022

19 May 2022

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