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R. Kaliprasadh

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R. Kaliprasadh
R. Kaliprasadh

R. Kaliprasadh (April 6, 1979) is a writer. He is a novelist, a short story writer, a literary critic, an author and a translator.

Birth, Education

R. Kaliprasadh was born in Pattukottai on April 6, 1979. His father is Rengamani and his mother is Pushpavalli. He completed his school in Mannargudi and his college education in Nagapattinam.

Personal Life

R. Kaliprasadh was married in 2009. His wife is Aarti. He has two children, daughter Advika Sadhana and son Ashwat Narayanan. He lives in Thirumullaivayal, Chennai.

He is working for a private company in Chennai.

Literary life

In September 2016, R. Kaliprasadh’s first short story, Vidivu, was published in Solvanam online magazine. Writer Jeyamohan wrote a lengthy review of the story on his website. The Aarvalar story won the 2018 prize in the Chennaiyar Kadaigal competition organized by Kizhakku Publishing.

R. Kaliprasadh translated and published two stories authored by Jahnavi Barua from Assamese into Tamil in 2019 under the titles Desabhaktar (Patriot) and Pachai Pulippu Mangai (Green Sour Mango). In 2020, Kaliprasadh translated the English novel The Dhamma Man into Tamil as Dhammam Thandavan , written by Indian English writer Vilas Sarang. The book, published by Nartrinai Publishing, is a modern novel about the life of Buddha told via stories, philosophy, and politics.

Dhammam Thandhavan novel has received wide literary attention in Tamil. Reviews were published in the Hindu Tamil Disai, Dinamani and Kalaingar TV. Author S. Ramakrishnan published a review.

R. Kaliprasadh translated the short story 'I bought a little city' written by American writer Donald Barthelm into Tamil in 2021 and titled Naan Oru Siriya Nagarathai Vaanginen for the literary magazine Kanali.

R. Kaliprasadh's literary career began as a literary critic. He wrote 36 literary analysis essays between 2015 and 2021. R. Kaliprasadh's literary analysis essays were published in the Malaysian Tamil art literary magazine Vallinam as well as the Singapore-based online magazine Aru. His Vasakasalai magazine literary article on Pulampeyar Tamil Eluthukkal and his research article on Tamil writers of Tamil Eelam are significant. The final part of R. Kaliprasadh's nine-part critical essay series on Venmurasu's novel series, Murasum Sollum was published in Vallinam magazine. His review of Alagiya Periyavan's stories was published on the Jeyamohan website.

R. Kaliprasadh has written about Sabarinathan Poems, essays on the writings of Malaysian writer C. Muthuswamy, an essay on Raj Gautaman, essays on Samraj's writings and parody literature, and research articles on Sureshkumar Indrajith.

R. Kaliprasadh's first collection of short stories was published by Yavarum Publishing in 2021 with an introduction by author Nanjil Nadan. The collection of short stories was well received and critically acclaimed.

He mentions that his forerunners in literature were Balakumaran, Sujatha, Nanjil Nadan, Jeyamohan, and S. Ramakrishnan.

Literary Activities

R. Kaliprasadh coordinates a literary group called Natrunai Literary Discussion with literary friends in Chennai. Many writers take part in this monthly online meeting. A one-day seminar has been conducted for writer S.Ramakrishnan, organized by the Natrunai Literary Discussion Group.

Along with Vishnupuram Chennai friends, R. Kaliprasadh is the coordinator for a monthly discussion forum for Venmurasu novel.

Literary Space

In R. Kaliprasadh's creative world, tedious urban life is depicted with parody. They portray the dynamics and complexities of modern life directly without much drama. He has created metaphors in his stories from the electrical industry in which he worked. R. Kaliprasadh's stories depict reality from everyday life while also attempting to rise above it.

R. Kaliprasadh approaches literary works as a reader and critiques them while maintaining the literary aesthetic. They don't go beyond the work and aid in the access, compilation, and classification of literary works.


Collection of short stories
  • Aaldhalum Alathalum (2021).
  • Dhammam Thandavan - Vilas Sarang - in Tamil by R. Kaliprasadh (2019).


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