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Ooson Palandhai Kadhai (novel)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: ஊசோன் பாலந்தை கதை

Ooson Palandhai Kadhai (1891), written by S. Innasithamby, is considered by critics as the first Sri Lankan Tamil novel. It is a Christian novel that is not set in Sri Lanka.

Creation, Publication

S. Innasithamby of Trincomalee wrote Ooson Palandhai Kadhai in July, 1891. He published a book called 'Christian psalmody' by Anthonykutty Annaviar in December of the same year.

The novel was first published by S. Thambi Muthupillai (also the publisher of later novels Megavarnan, Damodaran, Rathinasingam and Chandrakasan Kadhai.) In the first edition, one thousand five hundred copies were published. At 1x8 Crown size, it was released in small print, the price was set at 95%. The second edition of the book was published in 1924. This edition was printed at the Atchuvely Gnana Prakasar Press in Jaffna by Vana.Sa. Gnana Prakasa Swamy.


Ooson Palandhai Kadhai is a tale with a Christian backdrop and is not set in Sri Lanka. It tells of the story of two brothers Ooson and Palandhai, sons of emperor Alexandar, who are separated at birth. Ooson is raised by bears in a jungle and grows up to be a brute. Palandhai opposes him. In the end, Ooson realizes the errors of his ways and repents, undergoes severe penance and dies. Although Innasithamby had not mentioned anywhere that this novel was an adaptation or translation, researcher Sillaiyur Selvarasan says that the story resembles the Portuguese tale of Orson and Valentine.


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