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Kanni Theevu

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Kanni Theevu
Kanni Theevu
Kanni Theevu

Kanni Theevu (Virgin Island) (1960) is a comic strip that is published in the Dina Thanthi (Daily Telegraph), a Tamil Daily. Known as the longest-running comic strip in the world, this series, which began in 1960, is still being published every day.


Kanni Theevu was started when Dina Thanthi underwent a transformation in 1960. Kanni Theevu started appearing in Dina Thanthi on August 04. 1960. This comic strip was first drawn by Ganesan alias Ganu. The editor of the magazine C.P. Adithanar said that the comic strip should be given the name Kanni Theevu, the name of the island featured in the 1958 film directed and starred by M.G.R.

A.M.Samy, who was the editor of Rani Weekly magazine in the Dina Thanthi group, is the editor of Kanni Theevus story and design. Artist Ganesan (Ganu) drew the pictures for the comic strip at first. For sometime in between, artist Thangam did the same. Then artist Balan continued to draw pictures for Kanni Theevu. Since September 15, 2013, from serial number 18921, Kanni Theevu has been published in full color.


The theme of Kanni Theevus story is an adaptation of the Sindbad story from One Thousand and One Arabian Nights. A sorcerer named Musa kidnaps the best beauties in the world and imprisons them on Kanni Theevu. The sorcerer tries to kidnap Princess Laila, but when he gets into trouble he changes Laila into a midget and escapes. Commander Sindbad takes Laila on a voyage in search of the sorcerer Musa to bring her back to the right size. The sorcerer continues to attack Sindbad, as the magic mirror keeps showing Laila's whereabouts. Sindbad’s magic sword is guarding him. He continues to go through many dangers.


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