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Kalam Selvam

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: காலம் செல்வம்


'Kalam' Selvam (Born: June 30, 1953) is the Editor of the Canada-based literary magazine Kalam. He is also a writer, the founder of the literary organization Vazhum Tamil, and an active participant in street theater and other literary activities.

Birth & Education

Arulanandam Saverimuthu (Selvam) was born on June 30, 1953 to Saverimuthu and Thiresamma in Sillalai, Jaffna. 'Kalam' Selvam completed his primary education at Sillalai Roman Catholic School and his bachelor’s degree at St. Henry’s College. He learnt French at St. Augustine French Language School, Paris, France and obtained a diploma in nursing from St. Daniel College, Toronto.

Personal Life

Selvam married Thevarani on October 29, 1986 and has three children: Niruban, Senthuri, and Kasthuri. 'Kalam' Selvam works as a medical assistant.

Literary Life

'Kalam' Selvam wrote his first poem in 1975 in the magazine Naan. He considered Jayakanthan, S. Ponnuthurai, Sundara Ramaswamy, and Janakiraman as his literary predecessors. Selvam initially wrote poetry and did not write much for a long period. His book Ezhuthi Theera Pakkangal, about his life as a refugee, is popular for its natural humor. He followed this up with a sequel named Sorkalil Suzhalum Ulagam.


Selvam established two magazines on diaspora life. The magazine Kalam, which he started with his friend Kumar Murthy, has been running in Toronto, Canada for thirty years. Kalam published and featured literary documentations for Eelam and Tamil literary scholars:

  • Paarvai Sanjigai (1987-1989) (Editor) (Montreal, Canada)
  • Kalam Sanjigai (1990 - Present) (Toronto).

Organizational Activities

Selvam is a member and administrator of several literary organizations operating from Canada. Vazhum Tamil is an organization that he coordinates. It conducts book fairs and literary meetings every year.

  • Tamil Literary Garden (2001 - Present) (Founding Member/Board Member) (Toronto)
  • Tamil Resource Center (1989 - Present) (Founding Member) (Toronto)
  • Vazhum Tamil (Book Exhibition Series) (1990 - Present) (Toronto)
  • Literary Meeting Organizer (1990 - Present) (Toronto).

Literary Significance

Literary organizations and literary magazines have been published by the Eelam Tamil diaspora since 1990. Among them is the magazine Kalam, which has been publishing for thirty years. Vazhum Tamil is a literary organization that has been operating for thirty years. Selvam laid the foundation for the formation of literary movements in Canada. The special issues on Tamil writers published in Kalam are significant. He wrote about the tragic life of refugees with a touch of humor in his two autobiographical books.

Literary Works

  • Kattidakadu (Poems)
  • Ezhuthi Theera Pakkangal ( Autobiography)
  • Sorkalil Suzhalum Ulagam ( Autobiography)


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