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Kadhambavin Yethiri (novel)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கதம்பாவின் எதிரி

Kadhambavin Yethiri (novel)

Kadhambavin Yethiri (1971) was a populist family novel written by Ja. Ra. Sundaresan.

Creation, Publication

This novel was serialized in Kumudam magazine in 1971.


Kadhamba is a college student. Her father on his death bed, reveals to her that she was married. The marriage had taken place when she was mentally ill for a period of time, with the belief that she would someday recover. An estate was given as dowry to the groom, who is now deceased. Kadhamba goes in search of the estate, now owned by an evil man, whom she believes is her husband. In the end, it is revealed that he is not and she finally discovers the identity of her husband.

Literary Significance

This novel is an example of a type of popular, commercial fiction in Tamil literature. It is one of those several novels written with the triangular subject of a woman, an evil man and a good man. This novel contains the techniques followed by Tamil commercial fiction writers to overcome the mental barriers while narrating relationships between a man and a woman.

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