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Kaadharperumayum Kadungudi Sirumayum or Kripambigai (novel)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: காதற்பெருமையும் கடுங்குடிச் சிறுமையும் அல்லது கிருபாம்பிகை

Kaadharperumayum Kadunkudi Sirumayum or Kripambigai (1912), written by So.Ra. Srinivasa Pillai, was the first Tamil novel to talk about alcohol prohibition.


So.Ra. Srinivasa Pillai was involved in the Congress party of India.


Vidyasagaran and Kripambigai fall in love and get married. Vidyasagaran struggles with alcohol addiction. This drives Kripambigai to the verge of suicide from which she returns, after which, by offering prayers at various temples and the power of her love, she brings her husband out of addiction.

Literary Significance

The novel talked about alcohol prohibition in Tamil Nadu, ten years before Anti-liquor movements were initiated in the state as part of Gandhi's temperance movement. Even before this, members of the Congress party observed that Indians were becoming severely addicted to alcohol under the British rule. This novel served as a forerunner to later novels about temperance, such as Dikkatra Parvathy (C. Rajagopalachari) and Thiyagu (Sivasankari).

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