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Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: இடையன் இடைச்சி கதை

Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai is a play where herding related information are shared by a man and a woman. This is performed by Idaiyar [1]community people. It is also called Konar kathai. This art occurs as a subsidiary piece of Karakattam. Karakattam is an ancient and traditional art form in the folk dance genre originating in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu and performed at festivals, conferences, roadshows.

Procedures of the Play

This art is performed during the interval of Karakattam performance. It is performed by only two people, a clown of Karakattam performance acts as Idaiyan and a man disguised as a woman in Karakattam, acts as a Idaichi. Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai is very dramatic in nature. In this art, which alternates between conversation and song, small delicate body movements are added to the dance. Its dialogue has a narrative sense to it.

The clown of Idaiyan Idaichi kathai speaks humorously about the actions of the boy who shepherds the goat, the way he carries and walks with a baby goat on his shoulders and how he takes care of a goat. Idaichi who is a girl answers funnily to the questions asked by the Idaiyan.

As this descriptive conversation of Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai ends, the conflict between the two begins. At this time they share a lot of information about goat herding. The conflict gradually subsides and love emerges between the two. At that time the satirical drummers (Naiyandi Melakkarargal) would pacify both of them and ask them to get married. All of this happens with plenty of humor.


This art of Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai is performed by the clown of Karakattam performance a man disguised as a woman. This art is performed during the interval of Karakattam performance.


Since it is performed during the interval of Karakattam performance, the performers does not wear any specific makeup for this act.

Occurring Towns

  • Madurai District Area

Occurring Places

  • The art of Idaiyan Idaichi Kathai is performed in the public places of the town and in front of the temple.


  • Tamilaga Nattar Nigalthu Kalaigal Kalanjiyam - A.K. Perumal

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