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Henry Crisp

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Grave of Henry Crisp, Salem

Henry Crisp (1803-1831) was an evangelist from London Mission who worked in Salem. He rendered great service in education and healthcare.

Canadian delegation at grave of Crisp

Birth and Education

Henry Crisp was born on July 14, 1803 to John Crisp and Mary Worsley at Hertford, England. He graduated from Mission College, Hoxton.

Personal Life

Henry Crisp married Eliza Steffe. He was ordained to priesthood on March 20,1827 in Norwich. Henry and Eliza gave birth to a daughter Eliza Worsley Crisp on 1829 in Salem, Tamil Nadu who died in 1910 in London.

Missionary Works and Educational Services

He was appointed as pastor in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. He started from London on 1827 and reached Chennai on July 17, 1827. After working in Kadapa for sometime he was transferred to Salem. He was the first to set up a base for missionary work at Salem. He started the first English school and first English hospital in Salem. But he was able to work only for 4 years in Salem. He was infected by contagious disease widespread in Salem. Most of the patients came to the church premises for treatment which he could not withstand. Eliza died on May 7, 1829 during child birth. Couple of years later Crisp passed away. Their daughter Eliza was brought up by London Mission Society.


Crisp died on October 28, 1831.


Crisp's grave is at CSI cemetery near old collector's office in Salem. On February 5, 2007, Michael Copper and his sister Catherine from Canada found the grave and paid homage.


Crisp wrote diary every day and it is available on the internet. Its a useful repository of information to Salem historians. Journal of Henry Crisp, Salem (soas.uk)


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