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H. Nellaya

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: எச்.நெல்லையா

H. Nellaya was a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist and novelist. He was the editor of Sri Lankan daily Virakesari from 1930 to 1936.


Cho Sivapathasundaram says that H. Nellaya was from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. When Virakesari was launched in 1930, H. Nellaya joined as its editor and he was succeeded by the Tamil writer Va. Ramaswami Iyengar in 1936. H. Nellaya used to be a moneylender before becoming an editor. Nellaya had no experience in journalism, says Cho Sivapathasundaram (Tamil Novel, p. 145). But, in Malaiyaga Sirkathai Varalaru (the history of Malayagam) (p. 25), Thelivathai Joseph clearly mentions that Nellaya worked in K. Natesa Iyer’s Deshabhaktan in 1927 prior to joining in Virakesari.


According to Cho Sivapathasundaram, H. Nellaya wrote news and essays in Virakesari as well as novels for a significant amount of time in a day, and these were widely read and contributed to Virakesari's success. Chandravadhana Alladhu Kadhalin Vetri (Chandravadhana or Triumph of Love) is his most important novel. Cho Sivapathasundaram says that Nellaya's novels are of popular reading category with sensational and mysterious contents. Thelivathai Joseph says that the novel Somavathi Alladhu Ilankai India Natpu (Somavathi or Sri Lanka-India Friendship) is politically oriented and realistic.


  • Rathinavali Alladhu Kadhalin Matchi - 1930 (1938)
  • Chandravadhana Alladhu Kadhalin Vetri - 1933 (1934)
  • Nalinasingari Alladhu Thozhanin Thuravu - 1936
  • Mangaiyarkarasi Alladhu Doctor Ganeshin Marmam - 1937
  • Rani Rajeshwari Alladhu Yudhathai Verutha Yuvathi - 1938
  • Padmavathi Alladhu Kadhalin Sadhanai - 1939
  • Somavathi Alladhu Ilankai India Natpu - 1939
  • Kanthamani Alladhu Theendamaiku Savumani - 1940
  • Prathapan Alladhu Maharastra Nattu Mangai - 1941


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