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Ganesh, Vasanth

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கணேஷ்,வசந்த்

Ganesh Vasanth
Ganesh Vasanth story with Pictures

Ganesh, Vasanth are Detective characters created by writer Sujatha. Ganesh is a lawyer and Vasanth is his junior. They personally investigate crimes.


Ganesh made his debut as a minor character in the novel Nylon Kayiru by Sujatha in Kumutham magazine in August 1968 as a businessman in Mumbai. He was not a detective but a lawyer who defended and acquitted the accused. Then Ganesh came in as a lawyer working in Delhi and directly as a detective in the novel Anitha Ilam Manaivi. Ganesh had a helper named Neeraja in the story Pathi Rajyam. Her character expanded on the story Oru Vibathin Anatomy and then disappeared.

In 1973, Vasanth made his debut in the novel Priya. Vasant helps with the investigation in Gayathri. On initial days, on novels where Ganesh appeared as a solo act, one can see that he was carrying the characteristics of Vasanth.

In the novel Nirvana Nagaram, the characters of both Ganesh Vasanth are clearly defined. Painter Jayaraj has also given them faces.


Ganesh is intelligent, taciturn and sharp and aloof from women. Vasanth is a talkative young man. A chaser of women. Ganesh has an approach of gradual exploration and a totally unconventional approach. Vasanth is quick and discovers things intuitively. Both Ganesh Vasanth appear in the novels as complementary characters. Both Ganesh and Vasanth are depicted as unmarried and without any family.

Novels in which only Ganesh appears
  • Nylon Kayiru
  • Anitha Elam Manaivi
  • Priya
Novels with both Ganesh - Vasanth
  • Ah...!
  • Merke Oru Kuttram
  • Melum Oru Kuttram
  • Meendum Oru Kuttram
  • Ithan Peyarum Kolai
  • Kolai Arangam
  • Vasanth Vasanth
  • Pesum Bommaigal
  • Megathai Thurathubavan
  • Yavanika
  • Kolaiyuthir Kalam
  • Nillungal Rajave
  • Ainthavathu Athiyayam
  • Malai Maligai
  • Marubadiyum Ganesh
  • Ayirathil Iruvar
  • Amman Pathakkam
  • Ganesh X Vasanth
  • 24 Rubai Theevu
  • Odathe
  • Nirvana Nagaram
  • Ethaiyum Oru Murai
  • Gayathri
  • Moondru Nimidam Ganesh
  • Vibareetha Kotpadu


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