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Ganapathy Iyer

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கணபதி ஐயர்

Ganapathi Iyer (1709-1784) was a Tamil scholar, Saiva scholar, Priest and Sitrilakkia (Minor-literary) poet.

Private Life

Ganapathy Iyer was born to Balakrishna Iyer in 1709 at Vaddukkoddai, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Balakrishna Iyer migrated to Jaffna from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and served as a priest in Vaddukkoddai temples.

Saiva Life

Ganapathy Iyer did not get married. While travelling to northern Sri Lanka, Ganapathy Iyer became a devotee of Vairavar of Thiruvaiyaru (Sri Lanka) and recited verses in praise of Vairavar. Ganapathy Iyer returned to Vaddukoddai after the pilgrimage to north and completed composing the play Vaalapiman Natakam which was started as Sundari Natakam with few verses by his relative Shanmuga Iyer. Ganapathy Iyer became a famous poet subsequently.

Literary Life

Sittambalapulavar who lived in Mathagal, Jaffna was his student. Ganapathy Iyer who used to visit Vedaranyam every year, composed mariner’s song for the benefit of boatmen. It embodies the Skanda Purana completely. Ganapathy Iyer wrote plays such as Malaiyakantini Natakam, Alankararupa Natakam and Adhirupavathi Natakam. He composed Vannai Vaithilinga Kuravanji imagining Vaithilinga Swamy of Vannarpannai as supreme in the song. Ganapathy Iyer composed Vaddunagar Pittivayal Bhadrakali verses. On Siddhi Vinayaka of Paruthithurai, he penned a hundred poem Paavikarpam of venba, Asiriyam, kali, vanchi and marul. He also composed many solo poems.


Ganapathy Iyer passed away in 1784 at the age of 75.


  • Vannai Vaithilinga Kuravanji
  • Vaddunagar Pittivayal Bhadrakali
  • Vaddunagar Pittivayal Bhadrakali
  • Adhirupavathi Natakam
  • Malaiyakantini Natakam
  • Alankararupa Natakam
  • Vaalapiman Natakam
  • Siddhi Vinayaka Paavikarpam


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