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En Thalaikku Enney Oothu (Village Sports)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: என் தலைக்கு எண்ணெய் ஊத்து (கிராமிய விளையாட்டு)

En Thalaikku Enney Oothu (Pour oil on my head) is a country game played by a team of five girls. Four girls stand in four corners and a fifth girl standing in the center moves towards the other four while singing.

Game Rules

In this game, the girl in the center walks around the four corners with her left hand on her head and her right hand stretched out in front of her, singing, "En Thalaikku Enney Oothu, Erumei mattukku pullpodu (Pour oil on my head and feed the buffalo with grass)". Those standing in the four corners take turns in running. If the center girl touches any one of them while they are moving, the touched one should replace the center girl and start singing.

During the game, when the dhoti comes loose or, a thorn gets pierced in unexpected situations, they shout "thoo-chi" and get a temporary withdrawal from the game. They say when it is required to do three times while playing "Mukkha Mukhka Moonudharam".

There is also blindfold play. In this, all other girls will cautiously approach the fifth girl who is blindfolded, to show the spittle and say, "Indhaa indhaa vazhaipazham, Innichuk kidakum vazhaipazham (take take banana, a sweet filled banana)."

In this game, the children will not let to play the one who stepped onto filth or did not bathe after cutting hair. This child chases others to touch and make a fuss. Then the other children will say, "My name is maanam (honour); it will be a sin If you touch me" and, they take the saliva and place it on the navel. The unallowed child will not touch them either and will also think that it is a sin to touch them.

Something might go wrong in the game. Subsequently, it becomes a tit-for-tat and purpose of the game will be lost. When it is not possible to resolve the issues through discussion, they say "azhichi kulichi vilaiyaduvom (Let's play from beginning)". Everyone will immediately accept it, anxious that the game should not stop. The game will continue from the beginning.

After playing for a long time, and when it is time to go back to home, the children would say goodbye as "avuha avuha veettukku avaraik kanji kudikkap ponga, pillai petha veettukku puliyangkanji kudikkap ponga (Go to your respective home to drink porridge, go to the child's house to drink tamarind porridge)"


  • There will be five girls in total - Four at the corners and one at the center.


  • Kiramiya vilaiyattugal - Matravaigal: Author Ki. Rajanarayanan

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