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Arumuga Adigal

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: ஆறுமுக அடிகள்

Arumuga Adigal (1827-1882) is a Vedanti(an expert in Vedas). He wrote commentaries for Vedanta books such as Gnanavasittam, Viveka Sudamani and Panchadasi.


Arumuga Adigal was born in 1827 at Makkathur in Kalayarkoil, Sivagangai District. His birthname was Arumugam. Arumuga Adigal was born to Nagalingampillai, who worked as a policeman and his wife Kamatchiammal. Arumuga Adigal had been a devotee of Lord Murugan since childhood.

Arumuga Adigal, who was formally educated, at the age of twelve went to Shivapathigal (Temples of Lord Shiva) for worship and learned the Puranas and Vedanta books from the scholars there.

Personal Life

Arumaga Adigal, who was naturally not inclined to the worldly life, was married off by his parents. His father Nagalingampillai made Arumuga Adigal to take up his job of a policeman.

At the age of twenty-four, Arumuga Adigal renounced his worldly life and took initiation from Muthukaruppa Swami at Thirukovilur Adheenam (a religious establishment). He visited and learned from many Vedanta monasteries.

Arumuga Adigal taught Vedanta to students in Madurai after returning from his visit to North India. He wrote commentaries for Vedanta books. He often worshipped Lord Murugan at Thiruparankundram.

List of Books

  • Gnanavasitta Arumbathavurai
  • Viveka Sudamani Arumbathavurai
  • Panchadasappirkaranam Arumbathavurai
  • Kilikanni
  • Athuvidha Unmai


Arumuga Adigal died in 1882 at Thiruparankundram. The students of Arumuga Adigal buried his body in a tomb and worshipped him.


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