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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: அகரமுதல்வன்


Akaramudhalvan (August 11, 1992) is a poet, writer and essayist. Born in Sri Lanka, he currently lives in India and Eelam often forms the backdrop in his works. He works in the film industry.

Birth, Education

Akaramudhalvan was born on August 11, 1992, in Pallai, Kilinochchi District, Sri Lanka, to Sundaralingam and Jayajyothi. He has studied in Jaffna (Saiva Sanmarga Sangam), Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and many other places. Born during the Eelam war, he was forced to move from place to place.

Personal Life

He married Jayaprabha on August 27, 2018. He has a son, Athiran. Akaramudhalvan is a full-time writer who also works in the film industry.

Literary Life

Akaramudhalvan's debuted as a writer with a poem that was published in 2000. He lists Kasi Ananthan (poet), Puthuvai Ratnathurai (poet), Ambuli (poet), Kasthuri (poet), Adilakshmi Sivakumar (writer), Malaimagal, M. Thalayasingam and, Shanmugam Sivalingam as his literary influences.

"The characters in my stories are flagbearers of an essential truth that rips apart the false narratives built around the three-decade-long armed liberation struggle of the Tamil people" says Akaramudhalvan while talking about his reason for writing fiction.

Literary Significance

Akaramudhalvan's fiction is an exploration of the plight of the Eelam refugees and the history of the Eelam struggle. He presents this through the lens of an individual's life experiences. As an essayist, he talks about the politics and the literary tradition of the Eelam. "Akaramudhalvan's stories express his inner turmoil. The Indian Tamil mind chooses to look away from the Eelam problem just as they would look away from maggots in a flesh wound. Akaramudhalvan's depiction of the Tamil Eelam life makes us feel like the maggot and the wound too," says writer Nanjil Nadan.


  • Jeyanthan Pataippilakkiya Award
  • Kovai Vasagar Vatta Kavignar Mira Award
  • Tamilnool Veliyutu Matrum Tamilnool Virpanai Membattu Kuzhuma Award



  • Aththarunathil Pagai Veezhthi
  • Aram Vellum Anjarka
  • Tankigalil Sariyum Mullai Nila

Short Stories

  • Irandam Leprinant
  • Mustafavai Suttukondra Or Iravu
  • Ban Ki-moon'in Rwanda
  • Maaberum Thai


  • Ulagin Miga Neenda Kazhivarai


  • Nandru edhu? Theethu edhu?


  • Jeyandhanin Therndhedutha Sirukadhaigal
  • Thuilatha Oozh- Eezha Samakala Sirukathaigal


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