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Adinatha (Thanks Padmaraj)

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: ஆதிநாதர்

Adinatha (Aadinathar or Adinath) founded Jainism. He was the first of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras.


Adinatha was born to Kosala king Nabhi and queen Marudevi in Ayodhya in the Ikshvaku dynasty. Adinatha was also known as Rishabh of Kosala. Adinatha is believed to have two wives: Yashasvati and Sunanda. Bharata and Brahmi were born to Yashasvati. Baahubali and Sundari were born to Sunanda. Adinatha imparted the alphabets (letters) to his daughter Brahmi and the numbers to his daughter Sundari. Because of this, Tamil script was named after Brahmi. India is known as Bharatavarsha and Bharatakhanda, name derived after Bharata, the eldest son of Adinatha. In his old age, Adinatha underwent severe penance in the Himalayas and attained liberation.

Other Names

  • Rishabhanatha
  • Rishabhadeva
  • Arugan

Adinatha's Temples in Tamil Nadu

A large number of temples were built for Adinatha in Viluppuram, Tiruvanamalai and Kancheepuram districts in Tamil Nadu.

Adinatha's Sculpture

Adinatha’s sculpture usually depicts him sitting in penance under a three tiered umbrella with Samaradaris on both sides. Nandhi is the symbol of Adinatha.

Adinatha Worships in Tamil Nadu

  • Thyaga Durgam Malaiamman Temple
  • Agalur Adinathar Temple
  • Veedur Adinathar Temple
  • Puzhal Adinathar Temple
  • Ponnur Adinathar Temple
  • Othalapadi Aniyadha Azhagar Temple
  • Poondi Ponninathar Temple
  • Uppuvellore Adinathar Temple
  • Kizhl Idayalam Rishabhanathar Temple
  • Kunnathur Rishabhanathar Temple
  • Mudalur Adinathar Temple
  • Melmalayanur Rishabhanathar Temple
  • Villukam Adinathar Temple
  • Thachur Adinathar Temple

Adinathar Pillaithtamil

Adinathar Pillaithamizh was written by an unknown author before the year 1600 C.E when Mylapore area was engulfed by sea. This was a poetic volume about King Adinatha who ruled the country out of Vidanapuri, also known as Ayodhya.


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