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A. Saravanamuththan

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: அ. சரவணமுத்தன்

A. Saravanamuththan (1882-1930) was a Sri Lankan Tamil writer and poet, who wrote Eelam Sitrilakyam poetry. He was also a Shaivite scholar, dramatist, and actor.

Birth, Education

A. Saravanamuththan was born in Mattakalappu (Batticaloa) in Sri Lanka to Arunagiriyar in 1882. He changed his name to Nanalam Nithila Kizhar as part of the linguistic purity movement in Tamil.

His education was stopped after class seven as he did not show much interest in school education. He worked managing the library of a Hindu youth association and read many books from the library. He was also educated in grammar and literature by Pandidar Mayilvagananar (Swamy Vibulanandar), who worked as a teacher at the St. Michael's College National School.

Personal Life

After resigning from the librarian job, he worked in a clerical post for the Government of Sri Lanka.

Literary Life

He was a master in writing metric poems, dialogues with siledai (Paronomasia a.k.a puns) and condemnation poems. He wrote and performed in plays like Lankadahanam, Baduga Pattabishegan, and Vanavasam. He also composed Sitrilakyam poems in the genres of Thothiram, Pathigam, and Venba.


A. Saravanamuththan died in 1930 in Sri Lanka.


  • Kadirkama Velavar Thothiramanjari
  • Mamanga Pillaiyar Pathigam - 1915
  • Sani Venba
  • Lankadahanam
  • Baduga Pattabishegam
  • Vanavasam


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