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A. Chandrasekhara Pandithar

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The Manual Dictionary of the Tamil Language - 1842

இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: அ. சந்திரசேகர பண்டிதர்

A. Chandrasekhara Pandithar (Died On: October 26, 1879) was a Tamil scholar from Eelam. He was also a writer, teacher, and a translator. One of his most important works is the Manipay Dictionary (Manipay is also spelled Maanippaai. It is the name of the town in Jaffna where the dictionary was complied).

Early Life & Education

Chandrasekhara Pandithar was born to Ambalanavar in Uduvil, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He was taught by his grandfather Sankara Udayar. He worked with Christian missionaries in Uduvil, converted to Christianity, and changed his name to Nathaniel.

Personal Life

Chandrasekhara Pandithar’s eldest son, Uvaiman Nathaniel Swaminathar was a doctor in Pamban. His middle son, Tillaiambal Nathaniel Uvesulia worked as a teacher in a mission school. His youngest son, Ambalavanar worked in the Judicial Police Department in Jaffna.

Literary Life

Chandrasekhara Pandithar wrote and translated many novels. He taught Rev. Levi Spaulding and assisted Rev. Joseph Knight of Nallur in the creation of a Tamil-English dictionary. He went to Chennai in 1848, to translate the Holy Bible along with Spaulding and Arnold Sadasivam Pillai. He helped the clergymen with the translation of many Christian scriptures printed at the Manipay Printing House.

Manipay Dictionary

Chandrasekhara Pandithar compiled and published the Manipay dictionary, which is the earliest comprehensive Tamil dictionary. Rev. Spaulding printed "The Manual Dictionary of the Tamil Language" in an American Mission printing house in Jaffna. It is known as the Yazhpaanam Dictionary or the Spaulding Dictionary. This dictionary contains 58,500 words. Irupaalai Senathirasa Mudaliar and Navali V. Vairamuthupillai also helped create it.


Chandrasekhara Pandithar passed away on on October 26, 1879 at the age of 79 .



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