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A.W. Brough

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Anthony Brough

A.W. Brough (Anthony Watson Brough) (1861-1936) belonged to the London Missionary Society in England. He worked as a missionary and teacher in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

Birth, Education

Anthony Watson Brough was born in the year 1861 in the town of Leytonstone, Essex, England to Anthony Brough and Emma La.

Personal Life

A.W. Brough married Rosetta Jane Jolly from Sydney, Australia. They had three children, Emma Mary Brough, Charles Anthony Brough and Herbert Anthony Brough (Herbert died in France during the First World War). He later married Jessie Winifred Inglis in the year 1935, after the death of Rosetta.

Foundation stone laid by Anthony Brough

Public Life

Anthony Brough's family

After coming to India in the year 1894, he worked as a missionary and coordinator for the London Mission Society, first in Coimbatore (1894 – 1897) and later in Erode (1897 – 1933). Along with Missionary H.A. Popley, he opened 94 schools in the Erode district. He was also President of Erode City Council for the year 1904.

During the plague in 1909, he brought Dr. Rees Myfanwy Dyfed, a doctor from Vellore to Erode to provide medical services to the people. Dr. Hilda Polart further continued these medical services which eventually became Gosh C.S.I Hospital in Brough Road. The foundation stone for the hospital was laid by Mr. Hemingway, District Collector. The hospital became operational in the year 1917. A maternity ward was established by W.T.M Clewes in the year 1923, and in 1933 a nurses training institution was established. The hospital got electricity in the year 1937.

Between 1927 and 1933, he constructed a church that is now known as the Brough Church. While the work was underway, Brough’s wife Rosetta fell from the half-constructed building and passed away. She was buried in the C.S.I. Brough cemetery. Her grave is still maintained by the church. After completion, her name "Rosetta Jane Jolly" was embossed on the pulpit of the new church. The Rosetta Jane Brough Memorial Church in K.K.Nagar, Erode was later built in her memory. Brough also established a hospital in the town of Chennimalai in memory of his son Herbert who died during the First World War.

Brough was an avid art enthusiast and he collected numerous artifacts. 33 rare art pieces from his collection were donated to the Indian government in the year 2000 and were brought back to India. They are currently exhibited in the Egmore Museum, Chennai. Brough retired from public service in 1934, as W.T.M Clewes took up Brough’s responsibilities.

Church built up Brough, Erode


A.W. Brough died in the year 1936 in Norton, Somerset, England. He was buried in the Canford Cemetery in Canford, Westbury, England.


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