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1942 (novel)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: 1942 (நாவல்)

1942 was a Tamil novel written by Ku. Rajavelu against the backdrop of the Indian freedom struggle. It contains depictions of the Quit India movement of 1942.

Creation, Publication

The novel, written in 1950, was based on the author Ku. Rajavelu's experiences in prison. He was imprisoned for taking part in the Quit India movement when he was twenty two.


The protagonist, a factory worker named Kannappan, is imprisoned for taking part in the freedom struggle. His cousin Vadivelu also gets himself imprisoned in order to get in touch with Kannappan. He informs Kannappan about his dying mother. Kannappan flees prison but is unable to reach home before his mother dies. Meanwhile, Kannappan's lover Vijayalakshmi's father had commited suicide after being caught trying to earn black money. She also brings her father's body to the same cremation ground where Kannappan's mother is to be cremated. The two of them meet there. Although Vijayalakshmi is Vadivelu's muraipenn - an uncle/aunt's daughter, on whom he has a customary claim to marry - he blesses the couple. The novel describes in detail the events of the Quit India movement of 1942.

Literary Significance

It is considered important as it is a Tamil novel with the Quit India movement as its backdrop.


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