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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: காலத்துகள்

Kalathugal (born 6 May 1978) is a Tamil writer. His birth name is Ajay. He continues to write short stories, novels and articles. One of the editors of the web magazine 'Padhaakai'. Kalathugal's stories bring back memories of youth. He has written short stories in the Metafiction genre.

Birth, Education

Ajay was born on May 6, 1978 in Trichy to Chitralekha. His hometown is Chengalpattu. He studied at St. Susaiyappar Higher Secondary School, Chengalpattu and later graduated from Adhi Parasakthi College of Engineering, Melmaruvathur with an engineering degree in Computer Science.

Personal Life

Kalathugal married to Suba on August 31, 2007. They have a son named Aarush. Currently working in Pondicherry as a Project Manager in an IT company.

Literary Life

In 2012–2013, Ajay wrote introductory articles on English crime fiction for the book review site Omnibus. His first fiction was a short story called 'Urumattram' published by Padhaakai in 2017. Along with Natbass, the founder of Padhaakai Web magazine, he is looking after the web magazine. A novel 'Year Zero' based on the life of a twelfth grader and a collection of short stories 'Vedalathin Mothiram' which is set in Chengalpattu have been released.

Literary Significance

Kalathugal states Ashokamitran, Richmal Crampton, Albert Uderso, René Cassini, Arthur Conan Duel and the Arabian Nights and Vikramadityan stories as influences on him. He has dealt with the lives of second generation middle-class teenagers of cities in his fiction. They don't stop there just being nostalgic. 'Kalathugal's style of writing sees through the smoke screen between oneself and one's past. Kalthugal does not write memories as diary, instead he tries to make the memories into materials and cook story moments out of them. The fact that all of this appears to the reader as a vivid memory adds to the credibility of this type of writing. It is important to note that this memorization technique is a strategy. In fact, the writer himself knows how much of this is fiction and how much is original, or even he doesn't know writer Sunil Krishnan mentions in his preface[1] to Vedalathin Mothiram anthology of short stories.

In an article written by author Nambi Krishnan on the novel Year Zero [2] Suburban life in Chennai in the closing decades of the twentieth century is realistic, while the constant pressure to succeed both at home and outside is revealed somewhat obliquely from Adi's perspective, a teenage strain'.

List of Books

  • Year Zero
Short Story Collection
  • Vedalathin Mothiram



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