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Kapilar (Inna Narpathu)

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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: கபிலர் (இன்னாநாற்பது)

Kapilar (Inna Narpathu) (3rd -4th century CE) was the author of Inna Narpathu (prohibited forty or unsweet forty), one of the eighteen books of Pathinen Keelkanakku collections of the moral literature era. He is not the Kapila of the Sangam era.


It was generally accepted that the period of the Pathinen Keelkanakku collections was post 3rd Century C.E. Hence, Kapilar lived at least three hundred years after the Kapila of the Sangam age. The fact that this Kapilar refers the poetry as 'Kavi' (poem) confirms that his period is later. (Inna Narpathu 39th Song).


S. Vaiyapuri Pillai notes in Tamil Sudarmanigal that some of the manuscripts mention the author's name as Kapiladevar. Moreover, most of the authors of these Keelkanakku collections were not from the Sangam era. Hence, it is correct to assume that the sutras given in the name of Kapilar in Panniru Paatiyal and Inna Narpathu were composed by different scholar after the Sangam era.


Inna Narpathu tells us forty activities and deeds that lead to sufferings, in single-line poem format. Salutations are done to the Almighties: Mukkannan, Panaikodiyan, Chakrathan and Sathyan (Velayudham) in this book.


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