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இந்தப் பக்கத்தை தமிழில் வாசிக்க: எக்காளக்கூத்து

Ekkalakoothu is a performing art accomplished by playing a musical instrument called Ekkalam (similar to trumpet). This art is associated with the Thottiyampatti Nayakar caste, a section of the Nayakar community. This art is performed only by them.

Performance Method

Thottiyampatti Nayakar community people are native speakers of Telugu. They are involved in agriculture and pastoralism. This community also does hunting as a profession. And hence they breed hunting dogs.

They go to the forest or mountains in a group to hunt and decorate the animal that they are hunting with flowers and take it in a procession and keep it in the public place of the town. They offer pooja to this hunted animal. While taking the hunted animal in a procession, they play musical instruments like urumi (hourglass-shaped drum), parai (frame drum) and kidumudi (a small drum). They also blow the musical instrument Ekkalam made of buffalo horn. They dance to the tune of these musical instruments. The hunting procession will be brought back to the public place of the town again. They cut the animal there. Then they share it within the hunting team comprising the one who played urumi the one who brought hunting tool (spear) and the one who came to help. The games of Kummi (a type of folk dance), Devarattam (Dance of Kings : a type of folk dance) and Oyilattam (a type of folk dance) are played after the meal on the night of the hunting.

This game became obsolete once the hunting was declared illegal.

Performing Community

This art is performed by the people of Thottiyampattu. (Thottiyampatti) Nayakar caste, a section of the Nayakar community.

Musical Instruments

  • Ekkalam made of buffalo horn
  • Urumi
  • Parai
  • Kidumudi

Play Locations

This art is performed by Thottiyampatti Nayakar community, the hunting caste people when they go hunting. This act takes place in the public place of the town where the hunting procession starts.


  • Person who plays urumi
  • Person who brings the hunting tool (spear shaped)
  • Person who helps in hunting


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