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Eiguma Ishida

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Eiguma Ishida (March 30, 1892 - August 21, 1969) was the Lieutenant General of the Japanese army. Eiguma Ishida was among the one who led the Siam Death Railway project. Eiguma Ishida was tried and convicted by the war crimes court for torturing prisoners of the war and causing death.

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Eiguma Ishida was born on March 30, 1892 at Kagoshima prefecture in Japan.

Military service

Eiguma Ishida joined the Seventh Division of Japanese Army on a promotion in 1939. In August 1942, Eiguma Ishida led one of the Japanese regiments that attacked Singapore. In August 1943, Eiguma Ishida was appointed as the Commissioner of the Third Burma Railway project. Eiguma Ishida worked on the Fourth Railway project from February 1944 and he served as the Commissioner of The Southern Army Railway Service from May 1945. On August 27, 1945, Eiguma Ishida was relieved and retired from railway work, but was immediately called back for additional assignment. Until September 2, 1945, Eiguma Ishida served as the western administrator of the Kempeitai Organization, a Japanese military intelligence agency.

War Crimes Trial

After the war, Lieutenant General Eiguma Ishida was tried at a war crimes court in Singapore on October 21, 1946, and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment on December 3, 1946, for not treating prisoners of war in accordance with international norms and causing death. Eiguma Ishida's deputies Colonel Shigeo Nakamura, Colonel Tommy Ishii and Lieutenant Colonel Shoichi Yanagita were sentenced to death.


There were protests in Britain over the Singapore war crimes investigations. Most of those who were convicted were in-charge of the camps. But those who planned and ordered the construction of the railway lines did not come under the purview of the investigation. Lower-level officials were severely punished, but the higher ones escaped with minor punishments. Only the persecution of prisoners of war was investigated and punished. The brutal killing of thousands of Asians and Tamils were not investigated and no one was punished for same.


Eiguma Ishida passed away on August 21, 1969 in Japan.


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